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Shortlisted by Gartner

Shortlisted for three consecutive years
Gartner Meeting Solutions Magic Quadrant
The only nominated SaaS service provider in China

Leading audio and video technology

  • High reliability

    Supports multi-cloud, Alibaba, AWS, and self-built, multiple data centers with mutual backup.


  • High security

    Hybrid deployment of public cloud and private cloud.


  • Super stable

    Communication quality is more stable.


  • More open

    Unified platform and client, to help customers quickly conduct business.


Smooth global communication

Accelerate overseas

Partner with Aryaka to create a stable and smooth video meeting experience.

Global coverage

30+acceleration points, supporting local access in 69 countries across 7 continents and 4000 cities worldwide.

Professional quality, unrivaled

Dedicated European and American network, directly connected to China without transit.

Diversified application scenarios

Remote training, online education, transnational collaboration and exchanges.


Multiple video layouts

Adjust the video layout at any time during the meeting to choose the appropriate display.

Share & Comments

Share whiteboard, desktop, mobile screen, audio and video, and multi-format documents.

Waiting Room

Open the waiting room and only allow entry if it is safe.

Virtual background & Effects

Perfect display of professional conference image, fearless to open conference videos.

Meeting control

Various layouts, video synchronization of main and sub-venues, and video polling of multiple venues

Multiple terminals

PC, Mobile phone, PAD, WEB, and even hardware video connectivity

PC, Mobile phone, PAD, WEB, and even hardware video connectivity

The choice of over 350 Fortune 500 companies

Meetings per day
Meeting minutes per month