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Privacy Policy(Update:28 February, 2022)

G-Net Privacy Policy

G-Net website (, hereinafter referred to as “this website”) belongs to G-Net Cloud Service Co., Ltd. and it provides relevant G-Net product and service information. Privacy Policy is the commitment of this website to protect users’ privacy. Due to the features of network, this website will inevitably have direct or indirect interactions with you, so this website’s collection, use and protection policy for users’ personal information is hereby illustrated. The following contents may be modified from time to time, so please check regularly.

1. User Non-personal Information

We will collect non-personal information through your IP address to optimize the page on your PC screen, such as your browser nature, operating system type, ISP domain which provides access service for you, etc. We will use cookie and other techniques to trace the interaction between you and our website and services, so we can provide better user experience. Besides, we also calculate visitors to improve the management and services of the website.

2. Personal Materials

When you are conducting activities on G-Net website, with your consent and confirmation, this website will ask you to provide some personal information through registration or other modes. This personal information includes: (a) Personally Identifiable Information: name, sex, age, birth date, phone number, address, email address, etc.; (b) personal background information: occupation, family status, etc. If you want to purchase or sign contract to buy paid subscription services, we will ask you to provide additional information. Please be noted that without your consent and confirmation, this website shall not use your information provided for specific activities of this website for other purposes. However, the disclosure shall be allowed in compliance with Section 6 below and governmental and legal requirements.

We will communicate with you by using your Personally Identifiable Information. We may send some compulsive service emails to you, like welcome letters, payment notifications, technical service problem information and security notifications. Besides, with your consent, we may occasionally send product questionnaire or promotion emails to you so as to inform you G-Net’s other products or services.

When providing the service, we need you to open some device access permissions. You can choose to close part or all permissions in your device [Settings] and thus to reject us from collecting your personal information. The following permissions need to be opened:

You need to open the permission of reading/modifying or deleting contents of SD card, and thus APP can read pics, files and other contents in storage. You can use such contents to set icon, and upload screenshots for logs.

For easy dialing during meeting, APP needs to be allowed to initiate dialing without through dialing keypad.

In order to use video function of the APP, you need to open camera permission. Besides, please be noted that even if you have agreed to open the permission, we will also get the video information when you actively click the camera icon within the APP.

In order to use audio function of the APP, you need to open mic permission. Besides, please be noted that even if you have agreed to open the permission, we will also get the audio information when you actively click the mic icon within the APP.

To sync personal contacts, you need to open contacts permission.

We need to access your clipboard when you copy meeting info. To quickly join meeting, we need to identify meeting passcode or link in your clipboard.

Account cancellation: if you want to cancel your G-Net MeetNow account, please contact us at 400-810-1919. G-Net will verify your request and cancel the account within 48 hours. After cancellation, G-Net will stop providing all products and services of G-Net MeetNow and continue to protect your information by anonymous method in accordance with relevant requirements of laws and regulations. All the information of your account, including but not limited to meeting documents, meeting recordings and other contents, will be deleted and unrecoverable.

3. Information Security

This website will strictly manage and protect your information and adopt relevant techniques to prevent your personal information from losing, stealing or tampering. This website will entrust professional technicians to conduct computer processing for such information so as to comply with the requirement of specialized division. If this website has sent the notification of computer processing to you, but you failed to raise explicit opposition in the required time, this website will presume you have agreed. In later time, you still have the right to request for stopping computer processing, according to Section 4 below.

4. Use Cookie

G-Net website uses “cookie” to help enhance your internet experience and thus you can log in on our services. Cookie is a small text file on your hard drive placed by Web server and it contains some information. When you are visiting G-Net website, cookie will be sent to your Web server so as to read it later. Cookie cannot be used to run programs and won’t transmit virus to your PC.

The main purpose of using cookie is to store your preference and other information on your PC, so you don’t need to repeatedly enter the same information the next time and thus your time will be saved. G-Net will use cookie according to the personal information collection rules specified in this Privacy Policy.

When you use account and password belonged to G-Net website to log in, we will save your unique ID number and login time in your encrypted cookie on your hard drive. By using this cookie, you can move from one page to another without logging in on each page and these cookies will be deleted when you log off. We also use cookie to improve login experience; for example, your email address can be saved in a cookie and after logging off, this cookie will still be saved in your PC, which can help fill in email address in advance and thus you only need to enter password the next time. If you use public PC or you don’t want to save this information, you can choose proper radio button on login page and then this cookie will not be used.

You can either accept or reject cookie. Most Web browsers automatically accept cookie, but if needed, you can modify the browser settings to reject cookie. If you choose to reject cookie, you may be unable to log in or use the interactive functions provided by G-Net website and some ads preference relied on cookie may be unable to be applied.

If you choose to accept cookie, you can delete the accepted cookie later. Taking Internet Explorer as an example, you can choose “Tools”, then “Delete browsing history”, then “Cookie” and click “Delete”. If you choose to delete cookie, any settings and preference (including ads preference) controlled by these cookies will be deleted and you may need to recreate them later.

5. User Rights

You have the following rights regarding your own personal information

a. Check and request reading at any time.

b. Request supplement or amendments at any time.

c. Request deletion at any time.

d. Request stopping computer processing and utilization.

With regard to the above rights, you can click to contact us and request G-Net website to provide relevant services for you.

6. User Limitation Principle

This website will not collect personal information for other purposes beyond necessary scope, unless one of the following conditions is true.

a. Written consent approved by you.

b. To avoid your life, body or property risks.

c. To prevent significant damage to others’ rights.

d. To promote public interests and be harmless to your vital interests.

7. Disclosure of Personal Information

When governmental authorities ask this website to disclose personal information in accordance with legal procedures, this website will provide the corresponding information according to the request of governmental authorities or for public security. This website shall not be liable for any disclosure under such circumstance.

8. Privacy Protection for Juveniles

This website will establish and maintain reasonable order to protect the confidentiality and security of juveniles’ personal information. This website solemnly declares that: any juveniles under 16 years old shall obtain verifiable consent from parents or legal guardian (collectively, “guardian”) before they participate online activities. The guardian shall bear the primary liability to protect juveniles’ privacy rights under network environment. The purpose of collecting juveniles’ personal information is only to reply juveniles’ specific requirements, and once the reply is completed, their information will be deleted from the record and this website will not keep this information for further use. Without the consent from the guardian, this website will not use juveniles’ personal information or disclose or transmit to any third party. This website collects the names of guardians or juveniles or other network communication information and it did this only to obtain the consent from the guardian. If no consent is obtained after a reasonable time, this website will actively delete this information from the record. With the consent from the juvenile’s guardian, this website collects the juveniles’ personal information and will provide the following for the guardian:

a. examines the collected information for its children or ward

b. rejects further collection or use for the personal information of its children or ward

c. changes or deletes the personal information of its children or ward

d. rejects further contact between this website and its children or ward

The juveniles’ personal information collected by this website is only used to protect the security when juveniles participate online activities and will not be used for other purposes. This website assures that it will not ask juveniles to provide extra personal information as the condition to participate online activities.

9. Disclaimer

Besides the above disclaimer specified in Section 7, this website shall not be liable for the following circumstances:

a. any disclosure of personal information caused by your telling others your account and password or sharing account with others

b. any disclosure, loss, theft or falsification of personal information caused by any PC problems, hacker attacks, computer viruses, temporary shutdown due to government regulation that affect the normal operation of network

c. any disclosure of personal information caused by other websites linked to this website and any resulting legal disputes and consequences

Attachment: currently, G-Net MeetNow App adopts the following third party SDK related to user personal information. If you have questions about your personal information collected by the third party through SDK, please refer to the third party’s privacy policy.

Device information: including device model, unique device identifier (such as IMEI / Android ID / IDFA / OPENUDID / GUID / IMSI information), device MAC address, operating system type and model, screen resolution, telecom operator, software installation list, Software version number, system language.

Third Party SDK Name

Collection Purpose


Data Type


Website&Privacy Policy

Alipay SDK

Use Alipay based on your instruction

Pay by Alipay

Device info, location, network info

Alipay (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd.


Privacy Policy:

WeChat SDK

Log in and share contents based on your instruction

  1. WeChat login
  2. Share contents to WeChat friends, Moments

Device info

Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Company Limited


Privacy Policy:

Tencent Bugly SDK

Quickly find and solve error based on your feedback

Report APP crash data

Device ID, SD card capacity, APP package name, version and process name

Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Company Limited


Privacy Policy:

NetEase YunXin SDK

Chat in meeting, use interactive functions based on your instruction

Chat in meeting, use interactive tools

Device info, logs

NetEase (Hangzhou) Network Co., Ltd.


Privacy Policy:

SHUMEI Smart Verification Code SDK

Enter mobile number and get verification code for login

Get verification code


Beijing Shumei Times Technology Co., Ltd.


Privacy Policy:


Recognize your voice and convert speech to text based on your instruction

Convert speech to text

Device info



Privacy Policy:

MI pushed SDK

Pushing messages

1. Chats
2. Meeting reminder

Device relevant information (including IMEI, OAID (applicable to Android Q and above), IMEI MD5, MEIDMD5, Android ID, VAID, AAID, and user MID (applicable to MIUI system), device model, etc.)

Xiaomi Corporation


Privacy Policy:

Huawei pushed SDK

Pushing messages

1. Chats
2. Meeting reminder

Device relevant information (such as IMEI, HMS Core openId, mobile phone model, system type, system version), cache information, message records, Push Token, AAID (APP anonymous identification)



Privacy Policy:

VIVO pushed SDK

Pushing messages

1. Chats
2. Meeting reminder

Device identification information (such as IMEI), mobile number model, system type, system version

Vivo Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.


Privacy Policy:

OPPO pushed SDK

Pushing messages

1. Chats
2. Meeting reminder

Device relevant information (such as IMEI, Serial Number, IMSI, User ID, Android ID, Google Advertising ID, mobile phone Region settings, device model, mobile phone battery power, mobile phone OS version and language), APP information of using push service (such as APP package name and version number, operating status), SDK version number, network relevant information (such as IP or domain connection result, current network type), message sending result, notification bar status (such as notification bar permission, user clicking behavior), screen lock status (such as screen locked or not, allow or don't allow screen lock notification)

HeyTap Technology Co., Ltd.


Privacy Policy:

Meizu pushed SDK

Pushing messages

1. Chats
2. Meeting reminder

Device identification information (such as IMEI), mobile number model, system type, system version

Meizu Technology Co., Ltd.


Privacy Policy:

Umeng  SDK Pushing messages Fully display application strengths, and check the overall scale and key indicator trend of the application through trend chart of basic indicators like cumulative users, active users, and top version, top channel data. ​Device identification information (such as IMEI), mobile number model, system type, system version Umeng 


Privacy Policy:

TaobaoUtdid Taobao related tools Get the unique ID of the device Device identification information (such as IMEI), mobile number model, system type, system version None None


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