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Bring all conference rooms online

Start a meeting in a conference room

Call all conference rooms with one click

Select the conference rooms you want to call from the contact, and the conference rooms can answer with one click to join meeting.

Enter passcord to join meeting

In addition to joining meeting through the agenda, participants can also join by entering meeting passcord.

Easy to control through Pad

Video Patrol

Automatically or manually patrol all videos to review the arrangement of each venue. You can configure the number of videos displayed on each screen or patrol them by group.

Video Sorting

Easily adjust the video order for important meetings, prioritizing the display of important venues or participants, with one-click drag, and release to the meeting at any time.


All video and layout displays in the sub-venues can be synchronized with the main venue with a single click.

One-click Check In

The host can initiate check-in with a single click, and attendance statistics will be announced immediately afterward.

One-click Screen Mirroring

Screen-mirror your computer or mobile phone to the conference room's large screen without dealing with cables or complex settings.

More flexible layout

Free Layout

Each venue can set different video layouts according to their own needs, providing multiple layouts suitable for different use scenarios.

Custom Layout

Use the layout editor to design layout backgrounds, videos, and shared locations, and add decorations such as pictures, scrolling captions, and branding.

Multi-screen Connection

Large venues can connect multiple large screens simultaneously, and different contents can be displayed on each screen according to needs.

Schedule Display

Easy to schedule

Meeting automatically synchronize to the conference room doorplate, and it can also be booked by scanning the doorplate.

Easy to check

Meetings booked online sync in real-time with the doorplate for easy agenda checking.

Clear status

The doorplate light color indicates real-time meeting room status. Red signals in use, green signals available.

Connect all hardware video terminals and MCUs

Joining is more convenient

Call the conference room to join the meeting with one click, or you can also join the meeting actively

Layout control, no longer restricted

Specify venue video feeds to different terminals. Individual control for main and branch venue layouts. One-click sync for main venue videos to all.

Unified meeting control, professional meeting management

One-click roll call, broadcasting, video carousel, venue pre-monitoring, automatic reconnection, screen switching, dual-stream permissions, meeting lock, extending the meeting...