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G-Net Terms of Service (Updated: 8 May, 2021)


Welcome to use G-Net MeetNow software and services!

G-Net invites you to access G-Net software and services, but please note that your invitation is conditional on your agreement to this Terms of Service. Please carefully read and fully understand the contents of this Terms of Service, especially the terms of exemption or limitation of liability, and choose to accept or not to accept them. The terms that limit your rights and the terms exclude or limit G-Net liabilities are marked in bold for your special attention.

If you are under 18 years of age, please read this Terms of Service and other relevant agreements with your legal guardian, and pay particular attention to the provisions concerning minors.

1. Terms of Service

1.1 This Terms of Service constitutes the contract between you and G-Net, which includes all terms mentioned in this page, G-Net Terms of Service, G-Net Privacy Policy and other provisions in terms or conditions (collectively referred to as Terms of Service) occasionally offered by G-Net and accepted by you and related to specific products. If you download, install, acquire or use software or relative services (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”) developed or operated by G-Net, sign up or sign in, you hereby acknowledge that you have read and agreed to be bound by this Terms of Service, including any amendments made by G-Net at any time. If you do not agree with this Terms of Service or any amendments made by G-Net, you shall immediately stop using G-Net service, close account and uninstall G-Net software.

1.2 The Terms of Service are the service agreement between you and G-Net regarding your download, installation, use, login of the software and use of the Service.

1.3 The content of this Terms of Service, including but not limited to the following agreement, rules, norms related to the software and/or the Service and G-Net may constantly release agreement, rules, norms and other content about the software and/or the Service. Once the aforesaid content is officially released, it will be an integral part of this Terms of Service, and constitute a unified whole. You should also abide by:

G-Net Terms of Service (The link address:

G-Net Privacy Policy (The link address:

2. Software and Services

2.1 You can use the Service through computer, mobile phone and other terminals in the form of client, web page, etc., the specific provided by G-Net shall prevail. At the same time, G-Net will continue to enrich the terminals and forms for you to use the Service.When you use the Service, you should choose the software version that matches your terminal, system, etc., otherwise, you may not be able to use the Service normally.

2.2 If you are an enterprise user, you can apply for an enterprise account of G-Net MeetNow and set up an admin account. You can upload and manage the contact list of organization members through this admin account, and invite organization members to join as your end users.

2.3 G-Net grants you a nontransferable and nonexclusive licence, and thus you use this software with the specified scope and method in accordance with this Terms of Service and other G-Net agreements.

2.4 You may download, install, use and log in the software on a single terminal device for non-commercial purposes.

2.5 All other rights without explicitly authorized in this clause and other clauses in this Terms of Service are still reserved by G-Net. When you are exercising these rights, you shall obtain the written permission from G-Net. If G-Net has not exercised the rights aforesaid, it does not constitute abandonment of the rights.

2.6 G-Net may modify and change the charging standard and method of the charged services in the Service according to actual needs. Before the aforesaid modification, change or charging, G-Net will give advance notice or announcement on the corresponding service page. If you do not agree to the above modifications, changes or paid content, you may choose to stop using the Service.

2.7 All the brand names, figures, logos, product names, service marks, domains, trademarks and commodity names (hereinafter referred to as “trademarks”) related to the website, software and service of this Terms of Service are reserved by G-Net or its affiliated company. All the rights and interests are reserved by G-Net and its affiliated company, including all the property rights of the trademark. You shall not use any trademarks.

3. Account

3.1 G-Net provides services to you through the G-Net account, you can register G-Net account through the platform. You have the right to choose a legitimate combination of characters that meet the requirements of full time as your account, and to set your own password that meets the security requirements. The account and password you set are the credentials you use to log in and use the Platform and other software and related services provided by G-Net as a registered user.

3.2 You may also log in and use the Service by authorization of a third-party account, an internal account assigned by the enterprise user in relation to you or otherwise permitted by G-Net. You will authorize G-Net to obtain the public information (name, icon and other information authorized by you) when you are registering on a third-party platform or in an internal account of the enterprise user for the purpose of linking the G-Net account so that you can log in directly and use G-Net and related services.

3.3 You understand and agree that, in addition to your login and use of this software, you may use your G-Net account to log in and use other software and services provided by G-Net, its affiliates and controlled companies. During such process, the other software and services you log in will obtain your information based on your authorization. You will be bound by the user agreements and other terms and conditions of the actual provider of other software and services when using G-Net account to log in and use such software and services.

3.4 After the enterprise user acquires the rights to use the Service and the G-Net account through G-Net’s designated way and channel of subscription, G-Net will allocate corresponding admin account for the enterprise user. Upon written approval of the enterprise user, you may use such admin account. By using such admin account, the enterprise user may, upon approval of G-Net, upload and manage the contact list of its Authorized Users and invite members of enterprise user to join the corresponding organization group, and use the Service to satisfy functions including the user communication, collaborative work and adjustment of internal structure. The enterprise user and the admin authorized by such enterprise user shall fully disclose and explain to the corresponding Authorized Users (including without limitation, that the enterprise user will provide the personal information of the Authorized User to G-Net) and obtain explicit consent from all Authorized Users before importing the contact list of Authorized Users and implementing the abovementioned functions.

3.5 In any of the following cases: you register account on your own behalf, or you log in through authorization of your third-party platform account, or you use and link internal account assigned by the enterprise user, or the enterprise user import information of Authorized Users through its admin account, you shall submit true, accurate and complete identification and other related information which shall reflect your up-to-date situation. You acknowledge and promise that your user ID, icon, personal introduction and other information submitted for use of the Service and any other information provided to G-Net shall not contain any illegal or harmful information. Users are prohibited to use other’s information without the permission of such person (including but not limited to use of others’ name, title, icon and other information that may cause confusion), nor maliciously register G-Net account (including but not limited to frequent registration and bulk registration, etc.). You must comply with the relevant laws and regulations at any time when you use your account and shall not conduct any activities that may violate national interests, infringe other citizens’ legitimate interests or harm social morality. G-Net shall have the right to examine your account information and G-Net shall have the right to reject, block, or delete the account information that is not in compliance with these Terms.

3.6 You understand and agree that the ownership and related interests of G-Net account belongs to G-Net and you shall only have the right to use such G-Net account upon first log in. Your account shall be limited to your personal use and, without G-Net’s written approval, giving, borrowing, renting, transfer and sale of this account in any manner or otherwise licensing others to use this account in any forms shall be prohibited. If G-Net has found or there is a reasonable cause to believe that the user of the account is not the initial registrant of such account, G-Net shall have the right to suspend or terminate the service to such account and cancel this account without prior notification to you. You shall be solely responsible for all the losses arising from the wipe and loss of all the data and information (including but not limited to Authorized User’s information, enterprise user’s information and chat history, etc.) caused thereby.

3.7 You shall be responsible to keep your personal account and password secure and confidential. You shall attach great importance to the confidentiality of the account and password and you shall not disclose the account and password to any third party in any circumstances. If you know that third party uses your account without your approval or you find any security vulnerabilities, you shall immediately notify G-Net. When you finish using the account, you shall log out safely. You shall be solely liable for the corresponding responsibility resulting from the theft or loss of your account or password attributable to your own reasons such as improper keeping of your account detail or password, or any force majeure event.

3.8 If you lose your account or have trouble remembering your password, you may promptly submit a complaint to recover your account or password in accordance with G-Net’s provided steps of such compliant services. You understand and acknowledge that G-Net only approves the retrieval of password to the complainant that is the authorized user of such account and it offers only one way of confirmation of retrieval which is based on the consistency check of the account information filed in the complaint form and the account information recorded in G-Net system.

3.9 You fully understand and agree that you must be solely liable for all acts conducted under your account, including any content published by this account and any consequences resulted therefrom. You shall use your own judgement to deal with the contents to which you may have access when using the Service and assume all risks that may arise from your use of those contents, including the risks arising from your reliance on the correctness, completeness, or practicability of those contents. G-Net is unable to and will not assume any liability for any loss or damage to you caused by the foregoing risks.

3.10 After you have registered, logged in your G-Net account and conducted proper and necessary authentication, you can browse and modify your submitted personal identity information at any time if you are an individual user; if you are an Authorized User of an enterprise user, you need to modify your submitted personal identity information through the admin of your organization. You understand and agree that you may not be able to modify the initial registration information and other authentication information provided at the time of registration for security and authentication reasons (e.g. account or password retrieval complaint services etc). If you are an individual user, you can also apply to cancel your account. G-Net will assist you to cancel your account after completion of proper and necessary authentication of personal identity, security status, device information, complaints of infringement, etc., and delete all information related to your account according to your request, unless otherwise provided by laws and regulations; if you are an Authorized User of an enterprise user, such account is part of the working tool of such enterprise user and you need to delete your account through the admin of your organization. G-Net has no authorization to conduct any deletion or removal of such information. If you cancel or delete the account, G-Net will delete or anonymize all contents and information of such account. Therefore, you must make back-up copies if you would like to retain such information before the cancellation or deletion of your G-Net account.

4. User Code of Conduct

G-Net sincerely provides services to you in order to ensure product satisfaction and working efficiency. G-Net provides necessary applications to create excellent experience and endeavors to ensure information security on the basis of fully explicating data processing method. Meanwhile, G-Net requires you to respect G-Net services and other users, and abide by relevant stipulations when you are using the Service. Please note that you are responsible to maintain the accuracy, completeness and confidentiality of your account information and responsible for all the activities (including activities of others who obtain your account information) and contents generated from your account. Including but not limited to the contents below:

4.1 Information content specification

The information content mentioned in this clause refers to all contents created, transmitted, stored or displayed from your account (including but not limited to account name, icon, name, etc.), such as text, picture, software, audio, video and any other files, regardless of the type or technological structure of the content (collectively known as “content”). Regarded as the content creator or the person who brought the content in this Service, you will be fully responsible for the content. These Terms are applicable whether the content is saved, shared or transmitted by using this Service or by any other third-party applications or service linked with G-Net service, or whether the content is shared or transmitted to the third-party application or service through this Service.

  • Please do not use G-Net service or products to engage in or publicize any illegal activities. Please do not publish relevant information about how to assemble or produce dangerous goods, incite to harm individuals or animals, groups, any governments or legal organizations, track or harass any others. In short, you must not violate all the laws and regulations that are binding on you, your account data or service. You, instead of G-Net, shall be liable for violations of such laws and regulations.

  • Please do not infringe legitimate interests of other users or others, including portrait right, reputation right, intellectual property right, personal information, business secret, etc. It is prohibited to engage in business activities or other activities that infringe rights of others or violate relevant applicable laws. That is, you must not upload, post, or otherwise transmit any content without the right to transmit such content under any law or under contractual or fiduciary relationships (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information learned or disclosed as part of employment relationships or under nondisclosure agreements).

  • Please do not use G-Net service or products to engage in commercial promotion activities, harass or blackmail G-Net users. Please do not upload, post, or otherwise transmit contents aiming to seek profit for you or any other enterprises or organizations. You must not upload, post, or otherwise transmit any advertisements or promotion information. You must not use G-Net service or products to engage in any commercial activities, or use them as the means to jump to another website.

  • Please do not harass other users or send unpleasant information to others. G-Net’s collaboration function (users can share information and collaborate based on contents) and sharing function aim to offer the method for you to interact and share information with your friends. No matter when you send any types of messages through “group chat” or to any third-party software or service, you shall assure to G-Net that the message you have sent is permitted by law and you have obtained the receiver’s consent beforehand.

  • Please do not interfere in G-Net service. Please do not use the service with the way that may interrupt the service of others. You must not upload, promote or spread software virus or any other computer code, files or applications meant to interrupt, damage or restrict any software, hardware or telecommunication device functions. You must not interfere in servers or network connected with the service, or servers or network of service providers who help G-Net provide service. You must not try to pretend to be any content source transmitted through the service. Unless you have obtained G-Net’s pre-authorization, or you must not access or try to access relevant service through any methods (such as scripting language, web crawler, etc.) except for pages provided by G-Net.

  • Please do not try to copy or resell G-Net service.Please do not try to copy G-Net service or develop and use any parts of service or login service. Please do not sell or resell G-Net paid service through advertisement without pre-authorization. Meanwhile, please do not try to get, hoard, distribute or resell impression score, gift card, gift code or coupon by using illegal means. G-Net shall reserve the right to cancel the right of obtaining impression score, gift card, gift code or coupon by using the method that maliciously defrauds or intend to defraud G-Net.

  • Please do not engage in any commercial activities on behalf of G-Net without pre-authorization.Including but not limited to: do not engage in any behaviors or activities on behalf of G-Net without pre-authorization; do not publicize the relationship between you and G-Net as business partner, agent or other relationships; do not use any means to obstruct the sufficient and complete display of any advertisements within the service scope (such as effectively stop or substantially damage the style change, customization or cover of the advertisement display within the service scope).

  • Please do not pretend to be others or other entities (including but not limited to G-Net staff).Please enter your real information and do not sign up with fake or falsely used personal information, enterprise registration information, organizing institution bar code, etc.; do not register account by using misleading information, including but not limited to names, icons or profiles that may mislead people to mistakenly believe the account is related to some social celebrities or organizations. If there is any amendments in your profile, you shall update timely.

  • Please do not exceed the authorized range of application. Do not access or use the service without the right. Without pre-authorization, please do not collect, request or store personal information of others, or disturb contents of other users.

  • Please do not infringe intellectual property rights. You must not upload, post, or otherwise transmit any contents that may infringe any patents, trademarks, business secrets, copyrights or other intellectual property rights of any parties.

4.2 Please do not upload or publish the following objectionable contents:

Organizing activities in the name of illegal civil organization;

  • Violating the fundamental principle stipulated by the Constitution;

  • Endangering state security, betraying state secret, subverting state power, disrupting nation unity;

  • Impairing the state honor and interests;

  • Inciting ethnic hatred, racism, disrupting ethnic unity;

  • Disrupting national religious policy, advocating heresy and feudal superstition;

  • Spreading rumors, disturbing the order of society, disrupting the social stability;

  • Spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, terror or instigating crime;

  • Insulting or defaming others, infringing the legal rights and interests of others;

  • Inciting illegal rally, association, parade, demonstration, disturbing the social order;

  • Failing to meet the requirements of “Seven Bottom Lines” (laws and regulations, socialist system, state interest, citizens’ legitimate rights and interests, social public order, morality, and information authenticity).

  • Including other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.

4.3 Software specification

You understand and agree that, unless permitted by laws or pre-authorized by G-Net, you shall not engage in the following acts during the process of using this Service:

  • Deleting information about statement on intellectual property rights like copyright, trademark right in G-Net software or service;

  • Trying to find the source code of G-Net software by using decompilation, disassembling, or other methods ;

  • Using, leasing, copying, modifying, reproducing, assembling, publishing G-Net’s contents with intellectual property rights;

  • Accessing G-Net software and relevant system by using plug-in or the third-party tool/service to copy, modify, add, delete data of G-Net software or data released on the memory of any terminals during the running process of the software, the interactive data between the client and the server during the running process, and the system data required for software running or create derivatives.

  • Adding, deleting, changing the software function or running effect through modifying or fabricating the instruction, data in software running, or operating or spreading to the public of the software, methods used for the purpose aforesaid, whether these acts are conducted for commercial purpose;

  • Signing in through the third-party software, plug-in not developed, authorized by G-Net, or using such relevant software and service, or developing, publishing, spreading such tools aforesaid;

  • Disturbing or authorizing others, third-party software, system, device to disturb G-Net software and its data and service;

  • Other acts not expressly authorized by G-Net.

4.4 Default

You understand and agree that, G-Net has the right to select service object, to decide function settings, and to decide application interface range, based on user experience, service operation security, relevant rules and requirements, network healthy development and other comprehensive factors. In terms of the following situations, G-Net has the right to handle the corresponding default:

  • If G-Net finds, or receives report or complaint of users violating this Terms of Service, G-Net has the right to delete, block relevant contents at any moment without notice, to handle illegal accounts depending on circumstances, including but not limited to refusal of sign up, rectification within a specified time, cancellation of user accounts, suspension or termination of using this Service, and publish the result.

  • If users violate this Terms of Service, thus resulting in or generating any claims, demands or loss proposed by third parties, users shall independently shoulder responsibilities; if G-Net suffers losses accordingly, users shall pay compensation for G-Net.

  • If users violate relevant laws and regulations and national policies, G-Net has the right to adopt appropriate juridical action for any illegal users, to save related information and report to relevant competent department according to laws and regulations, and users shall independently bear all legal liabilities resulted accordingly.

5. Content Usage Specification

5.1 As between you and G-Net, the ownership, intellectual property rights and other relevant rights of the content of the Service (except for User Content (as defined below)), including the text, software, logos, patents, trademarks, service marks, copyrights, appearance, sound, pictures and all relevant contents (collectively referred to as “G-Net Content”), is either owned by or licensed to G-Net. For G-Net Content, you shall use it as permitted under these Terms and through the provided functionalities of the Service.

5.2 Use of G-Net Content or any other materials from the Service for any other purpose not expressly permitted by these Terms is strictly prohibited. You shall not use, copy, reproduce, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, license, or use in any other manner not expressly permitted herein any G-Net Content for any purpose whatsoever without G-Net or G-Net’s licensors’ prior written consent. G-Net and G-Net’s licensors reserve all rights not expressly granted to you.

5.3 You acknowledge and agree that when you view content provided by others on the Service (including any User Content), it is at your own risk. You agree not to use, copy, reproduce, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, license or exploit in any other manner not expressly permitted herein such content for any purpose without the express consent of the person who owns the rights to such User Content.

5.4 The Service may contain links that allow you to directly access other online services and resources which may be provided by third parties. G-Net is unable to control your use of such third-party services or resources. Unless it is otherwise agreed in these Terms, your use of the service or resources of a third party shall be bound by the agreement executed by and between you and relevant third party and G-Net may assume no liability for your use of the service or resources of any third party. The existence of such links shall not be interpreted as an approval by G-Net of the legality or safety of those third-party services or resources.

5.5 G-Net does not claim any ownership rights in your User Content. If you use the Service as an Authorized User of an enterprise user, please note that G-Net provides enterprise user with options such as controlling, restricting, managing the use of your User Content. For example, an enterprise user may enable or disable an Authorized User’s access to the Service, enable or disable third-party application and integrations, manage permissions, retention and export settings, and many other choices. These decisions and instructions may result in the access, use, disclosure, modification, restriction for use, or deletion of certain or all User Content. If you are on behalf of an enterprise user, you acknowledge that such enterprise user will make full explanation to its Authorized Users in advance regarding such situation and obtain the explicit consent from the Authorized Users.

5.6 The Service is not storage service and G-Net cannot and does not provide back-up copies of your User Content or any other content which other users upload, transmit or provide to or through the Service. Please note that other users may continue to use and allow other persons to use your User Content independently, even after such User Content has been deleted from the Service (for example, if the user has created copies of your User Content and stored such User Content on their own accounts).

5.7 When you upload, transmit or provide the User Content through the Service or communicate with other users of the Service, you must comply with the requirements of this Terms of Service. You warrant that any such User Content that you upload, transmit or provide through the Service is in compliance with the foregoing requirements and does not violate any applicable laws and regulations or other relevant rules. You shall be solely liable for your User Content and all consequences incurred by the User Content posted, submitted or sent by you through or to the Service. G-Net has the right to remove any User Content without prior noticeif G-Net believes your User Content does not comply with these Terms.

5.8 When you upload, transmit or submit User Content through the Service, you are deemed to acknowledge that: you have the ownership of such User Content, or you have been permitted or authorized by the owner of such User Content to upload, transmit or submit it to the Service. If G-Net is aware of any infringement materials contained in User Content or any third parties claim the infringement contained therein, G-Net is entitled to take reasonable measures such as deleting or blocking. It is G-Net’s policy, in appropriate circumstances and at its discretion, to disable or terminate G-Net account that infringes others legitimate interests.

5.9 You acknowledge that G-Net has no obligation to pre-screen, monitor, review or edit any content written or published by you and other users (including User Content) on the Platform.You further understand and acknowledge that you may be exposed to other content through the use of the Service (including User Content) that is offensive, indecent or objectionable, and you can contact G-Net to report such content. You agree to waive any legal remedy that you have or may have against G-Net.

6. Personal Information Protection

G-Net endeavors to protect your personal information (i.e. information could, independently or collectively with other information, identify the identification of users), and protecting users’ personal information is one of G-Net’s fundamental principles. In the process of your access to and use of the software and the Service, you may need to provide your personal information (including but not limited to name, phone number, email address, device information) in order to facilitate G-Net to provide the corresponding technical support and services for you.G-Net will use encryption technology, anonymization and other technical measures that are compatible with the Service and other security measures to protect your personal information.

6.1 When you are using the website, software and service in this Terms of Service, G-Net will collect your information used for the following services in order to provide better meeting experience:

  • Related information of device and network connection: in order to guarantee the operation of service, when you are using G-Net service, G-Net system needs your authorization to use the network and storage permission of your device, and collects device type, OS version, UDID and other information. Without authorization, you cannot use G-Net service.

  • AV service: whether you are meeting host or participant, when you are communicating with others during meeting, G-Net system will, with your consent, use your mobile phone, microphone and camera permission. Such permissions are necessary for normal meeting service and without authorization, AV function, other functions and services will not be available.

  • Location information: when you are using services related to location, G-Net system may record the location information of your device to provide relevant service for you. Without authorization, relevant services based on location, other functions and services will not be available.

  • Contact information: when you are using services related to personal contacts, G-Net system needs your authorization so that the meeting host can get contact information and directly call contacts to join meeting. Without authorization, relevant services related to contacts, other functions and services will not be available.

  • Other relevant information: in order to provide better products or services for you, G-Net system needs your authorization below and collect relevant information, including floating window, Bluetooth, etc. Floating window permission is needed to minimize application, display floating ball on desktop, and share screen.

6.2 Please refer to G-Net Privacy Policy for more information about the protection of users’ personal information.

7. Third-Party Link, Content and Application

G-Net may cover or recommend the third-party resources, materials, applications and developers and/or refer to the third-party websites, contents and link of applications as the components of the service, or cover or recommend service-related third-party resources, materials, applications and developers and/or refer to the third-party websites, contents and link of applications. G-Net cannot control these websites or developers, or only has extremely limited control, so, you acknowledge and agree that:

  • G-Net assumes no responsibility for the availability of such external websites, contents or applications.

  • G-Net assumes no responsibility for any contents or other materials or performance provided by such websites or applications.

  • G-Net shall not be directly or indirectly liable for any damages or losses led by, claimed to be led by, or related to using or trusting any such contents, materials or applications. G-Net shall not guarantee the security, accuracy, stability or other uncertain risks of the third-party technology or service. Should any disputes arise or damages occur due to the interruption, suspension, data leakage or other problems, you shall solely resolve such problems with the third party, and G-Net shall assumes no responsibility.

8. Intellectual Property Rights

If you agree with these Terms, you agree that all rights within intellectual property rights in this Service and G-Net software, such as trademark, patent, copyright and other rights are not only protected by these Terms any independent agreements, but also protected by one or multiple copyrights, trademark rights, patent rights, business secrets and other laws, regulations and treaties. Above all, you agree not to modify any G-Net softwares, create derivatives, disassemble or try to find the source code by using other methods, unless you are granted express license according to open source license, or you are granted G-Net’s express written license, or other legal licenses.

9. Limitation of Liability

Unless otherwise required by law, you agree that, except for the actual direct economic loss (collectively referred to as “direct loss”) when you reasonably use the website, software or service in this Terms of Service, all compensations for damages shall not be included in the recovery obtained from G-Net according to this Terms of Service, and you shall not have the right to obtain any compensations for damages under any circumstances. Should any damages generated can be proved, compensation amount shall be limited within the actual service fee under three months you pay to G-Net before the claim for compensation. Without limiting the foregoing, you agree to exempt the following compensations for damages:

9.1 All compensations for damages due to your incapability of using the website, software or service in this Terms of Service, or accessing data, information (including but not limited to personal identity information) or contents.

9.2 All compensations for damages of any other claims led by or related to the following situations:

  • Any statements or acts made by third parties in or through the website, software or service in this Terms of Service;

  • Any transactions with suppliers or other third parties;

  • Any unauthorized access and modifications to your transmission, materials, information (including but not limited to personal identity information) or other data;

  • Any messages sent or received, or unsent or unreceived;

  • Any linked sites;

  • Any linked sites you access or use, or incapable to access or use.

9.3 All compensations (including but not limited to downtime compensation) for damages are caused or created because you cannot connect or use the website, software or service in this Terms of Service led by problems of your personal PC hardware, software, network, network settings or security, or relevant problems of your internet service supplier or any other similar problems.

10. Force Majeure

G-Net hopes you to understand and agree that, force majeure and other risks may occur to interrupt this Service during the process of using this Service. Force majeure is an unforeseeable occurrence beyond the control and independent of the will of the parties, which unavoidably frustrates their common intent, including but not limited to natural disasters, like floods, earthquakes, pandemics, windstorms, and social events like wars, riots, government actions, and legislation changes like modifications of laws and policies, government orders. Should any circumstances above arise, G-Net shall endeavor to cooperate with relevant departments immediately to repair and recover timely, while G-Net shall exempt liability for the losses caused for you to the extent permitted by law.

To the extent permitted by law, G-Net shall assume no responsibility for the service interruption or suspension led by the following circumstances:

  • Particular situations due to the speciality of network service, including but not limited to malfunctions of basic network carriers or network device technology suppliers, relevant technical defects of computers or internet, internet coverage limit, attacks by computer virus, Trojan or other malicious programs, hackers;

  • Malfunction or interruption for users’ or G-Net’s computer software, system, telecommunication line, public utilities or services;

  • Misoperation of users;

  • Using this Service with the mode unauthorized by G-Net;

  • Other circumstances G-Net cannot control or reasonably foresee.

11. Minor Clause

Minors should accept the guidance, supervision and consent of their parents or legal guardians under the premise of use. In addition, the parents or legal guardians of minors should be relied on to ensure that the minors use the Service under the premise of fully understanding this Terms of Service and the rights and obligations stipulated in G-Net Privacy Policy.

If you are under 18 years of age, please obtain the guidance and consent of your parent or legal guardian before using this Service.

12. Miscellaneous

This Terms of Service is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the People’s Republic of China (excluding the laws and conflict law of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). Any disputes related to this Terms of Service shall be friendly resolved through consultation. If consultation cannot resolve the dispute, either party shall have the right to submit the dispute to the people’s court with jurisdiction in Dongcheng District of Beijing.

If you use the software and/or the Service, you hereby acknowledge that you have read and agreed to be bound by this Terms of Service. G-Net hasthe right to revise the clause of this Terms of Service in necessity. You can check the latest version of this Terms of Service on relevant page. When the clause of this Terms of Service is revised, if you continue to use the software or service provided by G-Net, you hereby acknowledge that you have accepted the revised version of this Terms of Service.

G-Net Cloud Service Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved