Why do we establish G-Net?

For efficient work and for saving time

We aim to help everybody work more efficiently and smartly through internet. We believe that if right information, no matter it's from people, machines or systems, can deliver to right people at right time, the efficiency of every industry, enterprise and employee will be improved. We also believe that to improve the use efficiency of valuable information will be the most important for enterprises in the future.

The value of information is not reflected at work, so most Chinese enterprises are inefficient.
• People are not fully connected
• People cannot use and access valuable and needed information at any time
• There are big gaps between people and systems to influence the speed and experience of service, technology and marketing

We aim to change this situation.


It is long way to go, we are still working hard

Our ultimate goal is to bring more efficient working way for people. There is a long way to go, so we are still working hard as usual.

  • 2019 

    Reached the global level in core tech

    Optimized AV algorithm,distributed deployment with traffic control tech

  • 2018 

    Completed ecology system and key account explore

    Completed integration with WeChat Work, DingTalk, Outlook, IM, OA, etc. Completed customer expansion in real estate, construction, finance, consumer goods, logistics, etc.

  • 2016 

    Agressive expanded in SME markets

    Won 30 thousand enterprise customers from various industries

  • 2015 

    Recruited talents from WebEx Suzhou R&D team

    Completed reserve of talents of world leading cloud meeting core tech, Consolidate the leading position in the audio and video technology.

  • 2014 

    Acquired Seegle

    Continued to improve video performance of MeetNow

  • 2013 

    Won investment from CITIC PE and CBC

  • 2012 

    Launched the first generation of MeetNow

    Received market recognition

  • 2008 

    Won millions of dollars US Fund investment