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High Stability

Excellent Audio/Video quality

Super Concurrence


Flexible Deployment


High Stability

Cloud native distributed architecture clusters all services. Multiple global data centers are interconnected, with 99.99% availability.

Traditional Deployment
G-Net Distributed Deployment

Excellent Audio/Video quality/h2>

  • Stable Audio

    Patent traffic control algorithm ensures that audio keeps clear and smooth even under 80% packet loss. Based on deep learning model, effectively suppress noise, echo, howling.

  • CD Audio Quality

    48kHz full frequency sampling, broadband dynamic coding.Achieve CD sound quality, pure and clear sound

  • SVC Video

    Patent traffic control algorithm ensures that video keeps clear and smooth even under 70% packet loss. SVC 3-layer coding, the resolution of each layer is dynamically selectable from 180P to 1080P, and users can choose according to their needs.

  • AI Tech for video

    Virtual background ,Beautification, filter expression recognition, gesture recognition based on deep learning model.

Super Concurrence

Single data center supports millions of concurrence and single meeting supports 5000 participants.The distributed architecture is dynamically scalable and can easily cope with burst traffic.

Open & Integration

Through multimedia gateway, Tang Platform can be interconnected with traditional TCS, hardware video meeting system, third-party live streaming platform and monitoring platform.

Flexible Deployment

Supports public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud.

Public Cloud

  • Standardized, automated and intelligentized operation
  • Three-dimensional monitoring system can provide real-time feedback of system status
  • Regular problems are self solved, while difficult problems are quickly positioned

Private Cloud

  • Proven private deployment plan can be quickly deployed

Hybrid Cloud

  • Meetings can be flexibly held
  • The strengths of public cloud and private cloud can be integrated
  • Proven private deployment solution can be quickly deployed


Thoroughly protects user privacy, user data from function design, technology selection, data transmission, data storage, data center, etc.